Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Pictures

My grandson, Stephen, Michael "Ethan", Debra Ann, daughter and Lucy Kelly, granddaughter.  Picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011, Learned, Mississippi.

Debra Ann with her boyfriend, John Tollison.

Grandson, Michael, "Ethan",  Kelsey with her Dad, John, Debra Ann with granddaughter, Lucy and grandson, Stephen, in Learned, MS, Thanksgiving Day.

Myself, Marian Love Phillips, with my grandson, Stephen James Kelly.

Granddaughter, Lucy Kelly.

A happy Gran Gran with her grandson, Michael "Ethan" Kelly.

Debra Ann with her son, Stephen James Kelly.

John and Debra Ann

Kelsey Tollison

Lucy and Kelsey

Lucy Kelly

John with his daughter, Kelsey.

John and Debra getting ready to serve a family Thanksgiving.

Myself, Marian Love Phillips with my oldest granddaughter, Sonya Michelle Gordy.

Theresa, Teri, all relaxed sitting with her daughter, Sonya Michelle Gordy, my Granddaughter.

Curt and John Tollison with their Mother, Melba.

Melba Tollison

 My Great Grandson, Ian Hammock.

Picture of Ian taken by Lucy with my camera playing in the backyard.

Kelsey, Michael "Ethan" and Lucy.

All the girls...Lucy, Granddaughter, Debra, Daughter, Theresa, Daughter, Myself, Sonya, Granddaughter, Kathleen, daughter and granddaughter, Victoria Leigh, Ian's Mother.

John's home in Learned, MS.

Beautiful pine trees in the backyard.
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