Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner @ Debi & Matt's

Jesse, myself, Jamie, Victoria, Kathy, Teri, Debi, Sonya, Lucy, Stephen and little Ian.

Jesse, Stephen, Jamie Victoria, Kathy, Teri, Matt, Debi, Sonya, Lucy and little Ian.

Jesse Aaron Boyd, Jr. (Dad), Theresa (Teri) and Sonya.  

Lucy Kelly


Wally, Lucy's dog.

Wally and Stephen Kelly.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy 26th Birthday Stephen!

Today my Grandson Stephen Kelly turns 26 years old.  Wishing him a very Happy Birthday and I love you very much!  Gran Gran

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Our Family Line

Our Family Line

1.  Thomas Keats (DOB-1530 DOD-1600)

2.  Alice Keats (DOB-1562 DOD-1598)

3.  Thomas Wilder (DOB-1579 DOD-1634)

4.  Thomas Wilder, Jr. (DOB-1620 DOD-1667)

5.  John Wilder (DOB-1646 DOD-1698)

6.  John Wilder, Jr. (DOB-1673

7.  Josiah Wilder (DOB-1701

8.  Asa Wilder (DOB-1734 DOD-1780)

9.  Elijah Wilder (DOB-1755 DOD-1831)

10. Asa Wilder (DOB-1790 DOD-1817)

11. William Heatley Wilder (DOB-1812 DOD-1867)

12. Emelie Frances Wilder (DOB-   DOD-

13. Della Antoinette Mazerat (DOB-1876 DOD-1939)

14. Marion Edward Love (DOB-1916 DOD-1987)

15. Marian Ann Love Boyd (DOB-1941

16. Theresa Marie Boyd Bryant (DOB-1963

17. Sonya Michelle Gordy (DOB-1984

Courtesy of my daughter Theresa Marie Boyd Bryant

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Great Great Grandfather ~ William Heatley Wilder

Great Great Grandfather - William Heatley Wilder

WILDER, WILLIAM HEATLEY - attorney, civil engineer, philanthropist was born, Beauford, S. C., March 25, 1812; son of Asa Wells Wilder and Catherine Binns. Education: schools of Rochester, N. Y.; Union College, Schenectady, N.Y.; studied French, German, and Spanish in Europe; Graduated from the New York University, degree in law; admitted to New York bar, November 1, 1833. He moved to Detroit, Michgan, married, August 1838, Marie Thérèse Palms (d. 1867), a native of Antwerp, Belgium, daughter of Ange Palms. Children: Emelie and Laura. Moved to New Orleans in 1843; admitted to Louisiana bar. Served in the Louisiana legislature for three successive terms in public office in New Orleans. Was a member of the general council of New Orleans in 1847; and subsequently alderman for a number of years.  Although a Democrat, he remained a Unionist with the outbreak of the Civil War. In 1867 became attorney for Myra Clark Gaines (q.v.) and remained as such until her death in 1885. Served as executor of Mrs. Gaines' estate until his death. He was noted for his great philanthropy and benevolence. Died, New Orleans, July 6, 1898; interred St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery. G.R.C. Sources: New Orleans Daily Picayune, July 6, 8, 1898. (

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy 52nd Birthday, Teri

My daughter, Theresa Marie (Teri) is celebrating her 52nd birthday today.  She is spending a quiet day at home with her husband and daughter in Magee, MS.  She is shown here about 12 or 13 years of age when we lived at 217 Buena Vista Drive in Vicksburg, MS. Wishing Teri many more happy returns of the day and I love you very much!

Home of William Heatley Wilder

This is the home of William Heatley Wilder (Great Great Grandfather) and Marie Theresa Palms (Great Great Grandmother).  Later his daughter Emelie Frances Mazerat (Great Grandmother) her daughters Laura Francis, Marie Eulalie (LaLie) (Sister Mary Liguori), Della Antionette Mazerat Love (Grandmother), Myra Cecilia Clark Gaines Mazerat Huff, her six children were born there to Myra. Steven, Eusebia, William, Emily, Mary Justina (Tina) and Thomas. This home was located at 3129 North Rampart Street a short distance from Academy of the Holy Angels where for generations the girls were educated. On the front porch is pictured Steven Blanchard Huff with his nurse and pet dog.  Courtesy of Margarete "Gretchen" Fiedler 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Great Grandson Ian's Birthday Today

Today is Ian's 8th Birthday and will be celebrating it this coming Saturday on November 7th at Big Wheelie Skating Rink.  I am looking forward to spending some quality time with him at his Birthday Party.  Wishing him a very Happy Birthday today and always remember that I love you so much!  Great Gran Gran  XXOO
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