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Wilder, Mazerat, Love and Huff's Family Tree

Marie Theresa Palms
(Great Great Grandmother)


Marie Theresa Palms and William Heatley Wilder were married at St. Ann's Church in Detroit, Michigan in 1838.  She was a native of Antwerp, Belgium and was born in 1813.  She had a sister named Adele Palms who married a Mr. Campeau of Detroit, MI.  William Heatley Wilder was born in 1812.  He was a lawyer and an architect who in 1847 drew out plans of the layout of New Orleans.  His father, Elijah, fought in the battle of New Orleans under the Continental Army of General Washington.  Asa Mazerat, Elijah's father also fought in the Continental Army under General George Washington.  They had a daughter name Emelie Frances Wilder.  She was a linguist and harpist, devoted wife and loving mother.  Emelie married Joseph Neville Mazerat.  Mr. Mazerat's grandfather was Francois Neville Mazerat an architect who was instrumental in helping to build the French Quarters.  He was also a Quarter Master for the French Army under Napoleon.  General Dussom and General Mazerat were brother-in-laws who had double marriages and had married each others sisters.  About the year 1809 Francois Mazerat came to New Orleans, Louisiana from Bordeaux, France, where he held the office of Professor in a University.  Here in New Orleans.  Francois Mazerat married a young lady whose name is unknown.  Of this union they were blessed with two sons.  Francois Mazerat, Jr. and Jean Mazerat.  Francois Mazerat, Jr. married a young lady whose baptismal name was Marie Eulalie Thomassin.  This union was blessed with three sons and two daughters.  By name the sons were Antoine, Numa Joseph and Octave.  The daughters bore these names, Emelie and Amelie.  Jean Mazerat wedded Miss???.  This union was blessed with two sons, namely Jules Mazerat, Sr. and Oscar Mazerat.  The former married Berthe Nautre.  Seven daughters and four sons blessed this couple.  Oscar Mazerat never married.  Numa Joseph Mazerat in 1873 married Emelie Frances Wilder.  Emelie Frances Wilder was the daughter of the distinguished, highly-educated attorney, William H. Wilder, Esq. who had married Marie Theresa Palms of Antwerp, Belgium.  Four daughters blessed this marriage.  On February 12, 1874, the eldest of the four daughters, Laura Francis was born.  She did not marry.  Della Antionette (my grandmother) was born on March 29, 1876.  She took as her spouse, James Edward "Ed" Love (my grandfather).  With this union was born one son, Marion Edward Love, Sr., (My father)  (DOB) June 12, 1916 and died on November 7, 1987.  Marion Edward Love, Sr. married Evelyn Anne Mason on February 3, 1940 (DOB) February 11, 1921 and died on March 17, 1979.  They were blessed with two daughters and one son.  Marian Ann "Missy" Love was born on January 27, 1941, who married Jessie Aaron Boyd, Jr., on September 29, 1962 and had four daughters and one son (deceased).  Theresa "Teri" Marie Boyd born on November 11, 1963, married Jack Paul Gordy and they had a daughter named Sonya Michele who was born on June 20, 1984.  Theresa remarried in 19   to Aubrey Joe Mallett and with his union, two stepsons. (Divorced).  Kathleen "Kathy" Love Boyd born January 21, 1966, had two daughters by Terry Edward Thomas (DOB) March 1, 1963) (DOD) June 1994); Candace Lynne was born on October 19, 1984; Victoria Leigh born on October 31, 1987 and Carlton Edward Thomas born on June 21, 1990.  Kathleen married on March 17, 19   to Bert Day and with this union, two step children, Theresa and William (Divorced).  Debra Ann born on October 27, 1969 and married James "Jay" Harold Kelly (DOB) Mary 4, 1961 and with this union, Stephen James born November 25, 1989.  Michael Ransom "Ethan" was born June 3, 1994 and Lucy Ann Kelly born September 27, 1997.  Marian Suzanne "Suzy" Boyd was born on September 25, 1972 and married Dennis Nicholas (DOB) December 6, 1966 on June 10, 2000.  With this union a daughter was born on July 25, 20    , Emma Claire in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  William David Boyd was born on October 25, 1964 and died on October 26, 1964 of Hyaline Membrane Disease of the Lungs. Marian Ann Love Boyd divorced in November 1978.  She married Robert William Phillips of Detroit, MI (DOB) February 21, 1942 on April 3, 1988.  With this union a step son, George Gregory Wilkes Phillips, (DOB: April 15, 1967 and a step daughter, Karen Marie Phillips Huckabee Whitmore (DOB) May 9, 1969.  Greg Phillips married Eleanor Rone and they have a son John Gregory and a daughter, Laura Jacquelyn.  Karen had two daughters by David Huckabee, Jessica and Kristina.  Karen divorced Huckabee and married  Ron Whitmore and she has two step children, Brittany and Brandon.  Karen and Ron reside in Santa Fe, NM.  Laura "Boo Boo" Evelyn Love was born on December 8, 1942, married Joseph Christopher Ables and with that union adopted two daughters from the State Of Florida, Sherri Evelyn Able (DOB: July 12, 1972) who married John Moffett on June 12, 1994.  With this union a daughter named Katherine Christine was born. (more children to add) Divorced and  remarried        .  Daughter, Christine Aline Ables, (DOB: February 10, 1975) who married Jason Marbury.  With this union a daughter, Meghan Elizabeth and a son Noah Scott.  A son, Joseph Christopher "Joey" Ables, II, was born on June 21, 1984.  Marion "Buster" Edward , Love, Jr., was born on January 14, 1945 and died on October 31, 2010.  He married Shirley Elizabeth McMahon and with this union, adopted three daughters of Shirley E. McMahon - Donna Rachelle, Brenda Gail and Dana Renee Love and a daughter, Angela Tabatha Love born on February 11, 1977 and who married Darrell Kirtfield on September 27, 1997 now divorced.  With this union a daughter was born and her name was Madison DOB:     Marion Edward "Bubba" Love, III, born on June 13, 1978 and married Brandy Michelle Sanders (DOB: October 24, 1978) on May 2, 1998, now divorced.  With this union a son was born by the name of Zakary Alden Love on September 24, 1998.  A daughter by the name of Anna Claire born... 

Family Tree ~ Love

Marion V. Love and Mary A. Shamburger were married on the 30th day of January in the year of Our Lord, 1873.  Births:  M. V. Love, son of Levi and Rebecca was born on 28th of June in the year of Our Lord 1849.  Mary A. Love, daughter of John and Siddy Ann Shamburger was born 24th April in the year of Our Lord, 1849.  James E. Love, son of M. V. and M. A. Love was born on the 27th day of May in the year of Our Lord 1874.  Marion E. Love, son of M. V. and M. A. Love was born on 14 October 1876.  John (Jack) Levi Love, son of M. V. and M. A. Love was born on the 13th day of February in the year of Our Lord, 1882.  Deaths:  M. E. Love, son of M. V. and M. A. Love departed this life on 25th day of December in the year of Our Lord, 1876.  Love family believed to have originated from Anniston or Salem, Alabama area.

Family Tree ~ Mazerat and Huff

Della Antionette had one son, Marion Edward Love, Sr.  Della Antionette Love died on August 20, 1938.  Marie Eulalie Mazerat (LaLie) born March 27,  1878, for whom her father, Numa Joseph Mazerat, showed special affection, on January 23, 1900, entered the Congregation of the Marianites Sisters of the Holy Cross.  She (Sister Mary Ligouri) taught until she was eighty-two years old.  On August 10, 1960, she retired but lived out her years at the Provincial House of Our Lady of Holy Cross.  Myra Cecilia Clark Gaines Mazerat, born, June 9, 1880, and at the age of nineteen she married Watson Blanchard Huff, an accountant who belonged to a very respectable family of Columbus, Georgia.  Of this union were born three sons, Steven Blanchard, William Blanchard, and Thomas Blanchard, also three daughters, namely, Eusebia, Emily and Justina.  (Steven Blanchard did not marry).  Eusebia died in her twenties.  William Blanchard also died in his twenties.  Emily Francis ( a deaf mute) never married, Justina "Tina" married Herbert Fieldler and was blessed with two children.  Margaret Mary (Gretchen) and Erich Joseph.  Gretchen married Robert Peters and they had three children, Albert Joseph (DOB) February 26, 1965 (married Angela Volk) and they have one son Andrew Joseph Born July 6, 1996.  Myra Emilie (DOB) October 7,  1967) married Raymond Madere and John Fredrick (DOB) February 17, 1973.  Erich Joseph DOB: August 14, 1949 (DOD) 1993 married Michele Lecourt (DOB: August 10, 1949).  They had two children, Laura Marian Ann (DOB) Mary 31, 1970 (married name Bianchini).  They have one son, Eric.  Rebecca Ruth (DOB) April 10 1972 (married name Colgin and have two sons, Josh Micca and Justin and reside in Gonzales, LA.  Thomas Blanchard married Josephine Meiers.  They had one daughter, Tomi Lynn (DOB: December 10, 1954) married Earl Gravois on December 27, 1975 for 4-1/2 years and remarried Paul Alvin Bourgeois and they had four children together.  Laura Christine (DOB: February 17,  1982, Samuel Thomas (DOB) July 12, 1983, Katherine Elizabeth (DOB) April 7, 1989 and Madeleine Rose (DOB) October 23, 1990.  Josephine Meiers "Josie" (DOB) ? (DOD) December  1994 had two other children ( Ann Louis (DOB) July 6, 1939 and James 'Jimmy"" Gene Meiers (DOB) August 12, 1940, by a previous marriage.  Ann married John Fitzgerald Kleese and they had five children.  Anne Marie (DOB) August 29, 1958 (married name DeCell), Elizabeth Ann (DOB) February 22, 1960 (married name Barrere), John Fitzgerald IV (DOB) June 5, 1961 Catherine Marie (DOB) September 1963 (married name Staton) and Barbara Marie (DOB) April 26, 1964 (married name French).  Jimmy married Mary Gracia and they have four children.  Suzette Marie (DOB) November 22, 1964 (married name Burkalter), James Gene II (DOB) January 25, 1966; Jeanne Marie (DOB) October 9, 1969 (just married and name not known at this time); Jon Paul (DOB) November 5, 1970.  Ann and Jimmy were adopted by Thomas Blanchard Huff in 1995, a year after Josie's death.

Most of the Wilder, Mazerat, Love and Huff families are entombed at the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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