Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grandfather Love's Typewritter

My Grandfather's old typewriter.  I watched him as he would type out of letter.  I was fascinated by it.  I guess that is why I became a Typist with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers for 25 years until the computer over. (Picture of my brother, Marion E. Love, Jr., a week and a day before he died on October 31, 2010)

Pages inside a Family Holy Bible that was presented to J. E. Love (my grandfather) by His Loving Father M. V. Love, on September 9, 1870.  Was given to my father, Marion E. Love, Sr., who in turn gave it to his son, Marion E. Love, Jr., who in turn gave it to his son, Marian E. Love, III. (October 2010)

The Family Holy Bible is crumbling.  Needs to be preserved.

More pictures of the Remington typewriter.

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