Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Rogers Bryant With Monsignor Farrell

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rogers Bryant were married, May 30, 2012, by Monsignor Patrick Farrell, Pastor of St. Paul Catholic Church, Vicksburg, MS.  They will be making their home in Magee, MS.  Congratulations to the new bride and groom.

Theresa, Stan and Monsignor Farrell with Mother, Marian Love Phillips and Father, Jesse Aaron Boyd, Jr.

Family at the wedding.
Standing in front, Ian and Abby.  
Uncle - Chris Ables, Mother - Marian Love Phillips, Aunt - Laura Love Ables, Bride, Theresa Marie Bryant, Pastor - Monsignor Farrell, Bridegroom, Stanley Rogers Bryant, Niece - Victoria Lee Hammock, Father - Jesse Aaron Boyd, Jr., and Sister - Kathleen Love Day.

Marian Love Phillips, Mother, Teri and Stan with Dad, Jesse Aaron Boyd, Jr.

Theresa and Stan with her Aunt Laura and Uncle Chris.

Ann Claire Booth was Theresa (Teri's lecturer at Mass)

Newly weds toasting!

Stan getting ready to take Teri's garter off!

Jesse, Teri's Dad catching the garter!

Teri getting ready to throw her bouquet.

Kathy (Teri's sister) catching the bouquet!

Cutting their wedding cake!


Seal with a kiss!

My great grandson, Ian, with his great great Uncle Chris Ables.

Ian with his great great Uncle Chris Ables.

Ian, my great grandson who loves ice cream.

Abby - Ian's cousin.

Theresa (Teri) with her Aunt Laura

May they both have a long and happy life together!
~The End~

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