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Butner/Floyd/Mason Side Of Family

Rebecca Mary Butner married Henry Floyd and their daughter was (Grandma Mason) born October 7, 1897 in Nashville, TN.  Grandma Mason's mother died at childbirth and she may have been an Indian according to Mary Ann.  She lived with her Uncle Lee Butner and also Mayme Pickelsimmer and her family. Grandma was hired to work for people growing up.  Later Mayme married Al Colton after she moved to California and they had a son, Al.  Al was a Hopi Indian and not blood related.  Uncle Lee's sons were Robert and Bill.  Grandma Mason was Bill Butner's (our cousin in Memphis) grandfather's sister.  She got married around 13 years of age. Grandpa Mason was 15 years older than her.

Francis Marie Rebekah (Rea) Floyd married James Arthur Mason in 1914 in Hot Springs, Arkansas and they had two children to die, Hillary and Mayme around 4 and 6 years of age.  During their marriage Grandpa Mason got a girl pregnant and Grandma Mason left him and moved to Vicksburg.  They never divorced.  The girl died in her 20's. Everyone moved with Grandma Mason.  Then Grandpa Mason finally came to Vicksburg.  After Ruby got married Grandma Mason moved to Shreveport, LA and worked in a shop sewing patches on the uniforms of the soldiers.  That is where Aunt Bunnie met Uncle Phil and got married.  They moved to Kingston, NY and Grandma followed.  She worked in a Lady Manhattan shirt factory.  A few months before Grandma died she moved to Chaffee, MO and is buried in Cape Memorial Park, Cape Girardeau, MO.  Uncle Clyde bought 3 burial plots years ago and he gave one to Grandma. where Uncle Clyde and Ruby are resting.

Hillard or Hillary (Died)
Mayme (Died)
Leroy (Dead)
Ruby (Dead)
Evelyn (Mother) (Dead) March 17, 1979
Charles (Dead)
Bonita  (Alive) in Kingston, NY

Leroy Mason married Katie and they had 4 children and lived in Raymond, MS. There was not much contact with the family after Uncle Leroy married.  Katie and Aunt Ruby were best of friends but when she married Uncle Leroy the friendship stopped with all communication with family.  Uncle Leroy worked as an electrician and got severely burned while on a telephone pole.  He later died of cancer.

Ruby Mason was born in Russellville, Arkansas.  She married Clyde Duncan and they had one child, Mary Ann Duncan Kagle who was born in Vicksburg, MS.

Evelyn Mason (Mug) married Marion E. Love on 2/3/40, in Vicksburg, MS and they had two daughters, Marian Ann Love, who married Jesse Aaron Boyd on 9/29/62 and had 5 children. Theresa Marie Boyd, Born on 11/11/63; William David Boyd, Born on 10/25/64 and Died on 10/26/64; Kathleen Love Boyd, Born on 1/21/66; Debra Ann Boyd, Born on 10/27/69; Marian Suzanne Boyd, Born on 9/25/72.  Laura Evelyn Love, Born on 12/8/42 and married Joseph Christopher Ables on, 11/25/67. Sherri born on 07/12/72, Christen born on 02/10/76 and Joey born on 06/21/84; Marion E. Love, Jr., born on 1/14/45 and Died on 10/31/10, Married, Shirley and adopted her three daughters, Donna, Dana and Brenda and had Angela Love Tucker, 02/11/75 and Marion Love, III, 06/13/78 (Bubba).

Charles Mason married Myra Maxine Laycock and their daughter was Charlene Rebecca (Becky) Mason.  Charles had five more children by Margie  - Alice Marie Gunther, Loretta Pacanowski, Wesley Mason, Jimmy Mason and Philip Mason.  Becky married Larry Roach and lives in Tuscaloosa, AL. Becky's son is Steve Roach and also has a daughter by the name of Heather Roach.

Bonita Mason (Bunny) is married to Phil Reilly and they live in New York and had four children;  Linda (retarded) and lives with parents, Sue, Michael and Phyllis.

 Cousin, Bill Butner, in Memphis, TN.

Bill as a Harpist

Cousin Bill with Model T.

Mary Sue Butner

Bill and Mary Sue Butner

Wiseman - Grand Ole Opry

 Wiseman was Bill's Mothers maiden name.

Wiseman Band at Grand Old Opry

Note:  Bill's grandfather Butner had a sister who married a Picklesimmer.  They had two children, Harold Picklesimmer and Mayme Picklesimmer.  Harold and Louise lived in San Antonia, TX and Mayme lived in Arizona and California.  Harold was a geologist for oil companies.  He had two children.  His daughter and family still live in San Antonio.  His son is a doctor and he and his family live in San Francisco.  Harold and Louise have passed away.  Mayme and husband (Hopi Indian) have passed away.  Mayme's son, Al, lives in Arizona.
Al and Leslie Qoyawayma

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