Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Pictures

My grandson, Stephen, Michael "Ethan", Debra Ann, daughter and Lucy Kelly, granddaughter.  Picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011, Learned, Mississippi.

Debra Ann with her boyfriend, John Tollison.

Grandson, Michael, "Ethan",  Kelsey with her Dad, John, Debra Ann with granddaughter, Lucy and grandson, Stephen, in Learned, MS, Thanksgiving Day.

Myself, Marian Love Phillips, with my grandson, Stephen James Kelly.

Granddaughter, Lucy Kelly.

A happy Gran Gran with her grandson, Michael "Ethan" Kelly.

Debra Ann with her son, Stephen James Kelly.

John and Debra Ann

Kelsey Tollison

Lucy and Kelsey

Lucy Kelly

John with his daughter, Kelsey.

John and Debra getting ready to serve a family Thanksgiving.

Myself, Marian Love Phillips with my oldest granddaughter, Sonya Michelle Gordy.

Theresa, Teri, all relaxed sitting with her daughter, Sonya Michelle Gordy, my Granddaughter.

Curt and John Tollison with their Mother, Melba.

Melba Tollison

 My Great Grandson, Ian Hammock.

Picture of Ian taken by Lucy with my camera playing in the backyard.

Kelsey, Michael "Ethan" and Lucy.

All the girls...Lucy, Granddaughter, Debra, Daughter, Theresa, Daughter, Myself, Sonya, Granddaughter, Kathleen, daughter and granddaughter, Victoria Leigh, Ian's Mother.

John's home in Learned, MS.

Beautiful pine trees in the backyard.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Theresa's 48th Birthday!

Happy "48" Birthday Theresa Marie!
I love you so much!  MOM  xxoo

Me in the Early 80's

early 80's!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Love, Mason Plot

Corner plot in Hill City Cemetery.






An angel statue in the cemetery.

The Miles, Boyd Plot

Bennie Miles Boyd, my ex-husband, Jesse's, brother.

Bennie and my ex-husband, Jesse's Grandmother.

Bennie's and ex-husband, Jesse's, Grandfather (First Dentist in Vicksburg).

Bennie and my ex-husband, Jesse's sister.

My ex-husband's Father.

My ex-husband's Mother

Steps leading to the corner grave site.

A small stone near my son's grave.

Angel statue in cemetery.

My Little Angel, William David Boyd

An angel stature in the cemetery with a star on her head.

Today my son, William David Boyd, would have been 47 years old.  These pictures were taken this afternoon while at the cemetery to visit his grave.  Here are some pictures of his burial in the Miles plot.

An angel stature in the cemetery with a star on her head.

Another beautiful angel.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Graduation Picture

Here I am in my cap and gown!  I graduated in the Class of 1959 from Saint Francis Xavier Academy and went there a full twelve years in one whole city block.  We celebrated our 50th Class Reunion in April 2009 and a year before our reunion, I started a blog called, Class of 1959.  I am so proud of it and dedicated to my classmates at Saint Frances and Saint Aloysius High Schools.  If you get a chance go by and check it out at:

Sunday, October 16, 2011


This picture was taken either at Goldies Trail Barbecue or Top of the River on South Washington Street near the bridges in the early 1980's.  Here I am with my Dad, Marion E. Love, Sr., My sister, Laura, standing behind me and my brother, Marion, Jr., peaking over our Dad's shoulder.  We were celebrating him having the house paid off finally after all these years and we burned the note that evening.  Mother had passed away on March 17, 1979, of pancreatic cancer.  Our Dad passed away on November, 6, 1987, after suffering a heart attack after hitting a bridge abutment. Our brother, Marion, Jr. passed away on October 31, 2010, of complications from diabetes after having had both legs amputated a month earlier.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Baby Picture

Picture of me when I was a baby!  Born January 27, 1941.
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