Saturday, March 19, 2016

Charles Wesley Mason's Family Pictures

My cousin, Charles Wesley Mason, Jr., (Wes) became my friend on Facebook and together we are hoping to bring our family closer together with pictures, etc.  I was so happy to post on my blog of our family members that Wes shared with me.  Thanks so much, Cuz! 

 Left to right, Phillip Francis Donald Mason, Loretta Louise Mason Pacanowski, Charles Wesley "Wes" Mason, Jr., and Alice Marie Mason Gunther.  (James Arthur "Jimmy" Mason not shown) 

Uncle Charles Wesley Mason, Sr., remarried and had five more children with Marjorie Jean Glass Mason. After he died, Aunt Marjorie remarried a Quinlan.  She died in Killen, AL in June 2013. 

Charlene Rebecca "Becky" Mason Roach at 8 years old.  
The first born of Charles Wesley Mason, Sr. and Maxine Laycock Mason.

Maxine Laycock Mason
January 17, 1925 ~ April 4, 1964

My mother, Maxine Laycock Mason. She was a sweet and beautiful lady. She went to Heaven on April 4, 1964 when I was 17. I miss her!  Becky Mason Roach

Becky Mason at age 4.

Becky Mason and Uncle Clyde Duncan. 

Uncle Charles Wesley Mason, Sr., in the Army.

I remember seeing this picture of Uncle Charles while growing up.  Picture taken in Italy at age 18.

Uncle Charles all decked out in a suit.

Charles Wesley Mason, Sr.

Headstone of Charles W. Mason, Sr., Union Park Cemetery, Chaffee, Missouri. 

Charles W. Mason in the Army.

Uncle Charles W. Mason, Sr., Death Certificate.

Uncle Clyde Duncan and Uncle Charles Mason.

Grandma Mason at Mama's (Evelyn Ann Mason Love) grave March  1979.

Sister, Laura Love Ables, Aunt Ruby Duncan and Grandma Mason at Mama's grave, Vicksburg, MS.

Grandpa Mason's Death Certificate.

(Grandpa Mason) James Arthur Mason's grave-site at Vicksburg, MS.

Claude Duncan, Uncle Clyde Duncan and Grandpa James A. Mason.

Lefiord Mason birth certificate that Charles Mason used to get in service.

Grandma Frances Mason with Charles Wesley Mason, Jr.

James Arthur Mason's Family Group Record

James Mason's Family Group Record

James Mason's Family Group Record


  1. Missy, Wes was in the military and worked in the Mess Hall with my husband when we lived in California. Saw him in Utah several years ago just before he got divorced, but lost his number. Can you contact him and let him know we would like to stay in touch? Thank you, David and Diane Bjork


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