Friday, September 26, 2014

Grandmother Della

Della Mazerat Love as a youg lady.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Old Miscellaneous Pictures of Family, etc.

Marion E. Love, Sr., at one-year on June 12, 1917 weighing 23 lbs.

Marion E. Love, Jr., "Buster" looking at Dad, Marion E. Love, Sr., Eric Fiedler, Steven, Tomi Lynn Huff, Tom Huff, Emily, Laura, Justina "Tina" in front and me in back on the right end.  

Someone, Mom or Dad took this picture of me half-awake.

Laura, Dad, Buster and myself at the rear of our Chevrolet car on top of Fort Hill.  Mom took our picture.

Myself, cousin, Becky Mason and Laura.

Church and black neighborhood behind our home at 2515 Washington Street.

Another view of the church and black neighborhood on Meadow Street.

Picture of Laura with Dad's bottle of beer and his hat.  I had a similar picture taken but it maybe lost now.

Schlitz truck that Dad used to drive working for Peyton's Distributors. 

Dad asleep.

Justina "Tina"

Uncle Charles and Aunt Maxine Mason.

Myself on February 1960 with a heavy snow at 19 years old.

Myself and Laura when we were small living on Washington St. with chickens, a duck named, Jo Jo and a hog we ended of eating.

Our broken swing and clothes on line with chickens in the yard.

Buster with  our dog, Skippy.

Dad sitting in the breakfast room in his uniform working for Peyton's Distributors.

Old Hwy 80 Bridge before I-20 bridge was built.

Magnolia Motor Hotel back in the late 50's early 60's.  Laura worked there.
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