Friday, October 12, 2012

Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Christopher Ables

Above my nephew, Joey Ables with his fiancee, Candice Landers, announcing their coming marriage.  Joey is my sister's son, Laura Love Ables, and married to Joseph Christopher (Joe) Ables.  

Pictures below were taken by me on September 28, 2012, following the wedding rehearsal with a supper held at El Sombrero's Mexican Restaurant.  

Candy table!  Yum Yum

Everlee, my great great niece!

Another candy table!

Kathryn with her daughter, Everlee.

Picture of Dad and Mom going to New York.

Picture of Buster, my brother.

Everlee with her Dad.

My niece Sherri with her granddaughter, Everlee.

My brother-in-law, Chris and sister, Laura.

Joey talking to his guest.

Joey getting a hug.

Hey Joey, let me take your picture!

Nice pix Joey Ables!

Chris making an announcement with Laura looking on.

Angela, Charlie and Cassie

Bubba and Angela Love


Everlee at St. Michael's Catholic Church.

Bride walking in with her Dad, George Ameen, Jr.

Wedding vows with a Mass.


Marion (Bubba) Love, III and his wife Cassie Jo Griffing Love

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Christopher Ables

First dance as Mr. & Mrs.

Candice and Joey Ables

Laura, my sister, dancing with Joey.

Serious moment dancing with Joey, her son.

Joey dancing with his Mother, my sister, Laura.

Candice dancing with her Mom.

Charlie, Cassie Jo and Emily dancing!

Dancing the night away.

Cutting the beautiful wedding cake!

Dancing with her son Hunter after he took his suit off.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Eleanor and Joe Durst doing the rock and roll.

A beaming bride dancing with Everlee.

Charlie hugging his Mom, Cassie Jo.

Bride dancing with her grandfather, Warren Doiron.
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