Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Home of William Heatley Wilder

This is the home of William Heatley Wilder (Great Great Grandfather) and Marie Theresa Palms (Great Great Grandmother).  Later his daughter Emelie Frances Mazerat (Great Grandmother) her daughters Laura Francis, Marie Eulalie (LaLie) (Sister Mary Liguori), Della Antionette Mazerat Love (Grandmother), Myra Cecilia Clark Gaines Mazerat Huff, her six children were born there to Myra. Steven, Eusebia, William, Emily, Mary Justina (Tina) and Thomas. This home was located at 3129 North Rampart Street a short distance from Academy of the Holy Angels where for generations the girls were educated. On the front porch is pictured Steven Blanchard Huff with his nurse and pet dog.  Courtesy of Margarete "Gretchen" Fiedler 

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