Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grandkids, Great Grandkids, Buster & Family

Carl with Katie our peek-a-poo, myself with Lucy in my lap, Candace, Ethan, Sonya, Stephen and Candace at Easter.

Carl, Victoria, Buster with Lucy in lap, Ethan, Stephen, Sonya and Candace back to back.

On bed - Carl, John, myself with Laura in lap, Victoria with Lucy in lap, Ethan and Stephen.  Kneeling on bed behind us is Candace and Sonya at Christmas.

On floor - Ethan, Laura, John and Victoria.  Standing, Lucy, Candace, myself, Sonya, Stephen and Carl standing in next of me at Christmas.

Stephen, Ethan, Victoria, Lucy, Myself, holding Ian and Carl at Christmas 2007.

Myself with Ian my great grandson at Christmas 2007.

Buster with Ian, his great nephew at Christmas 2007.

Carl, Bob, in his recliner, Victoria, Stephen, Jamie, Ian and grandmother, Kathy (daughter).  Standing, Lucy at recliner, John (Debra's boyfriend), Debra (daughter), Jay (ex-husband to Debra) with his step-daughter (     ), Ethan, Buster in far back, Jay's friend (    ) holding Aiden.

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