Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy 88th Birthday Aunt Bunny!

Left to right, Aunt Bunny, my brother, Marion, Jr. (Buster) deceased, Aunt Ruby, deceased, Uncle Phil, Evelyn (Mother) deceased, Marion, Sr. (Father) deceased and Uncle Clyde, deceased. Picture was most likely taken around '59 or '60 in Vicksburg, MS.  

Today is my only living aunt's birthday.  Aunt Bonita "Bunny" is 88 years old and lives in Kingston, NY, with her husband, my only living Uncle Phil, who is 92 years old.  I called my aunt this morning and sung Happy Birthday to her and was so good to hear her voice again.  I'm so fortunate at my age to still have an Aunt and Uncle still living.  Wishing my Aunt Bunny many more Happy Birthday's to come and love and miss seeing her so much. 

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