Saturday, January 28, 2017

Meeting Cousins, Mark & Carol Palms

On Monday, January 23, 2017, I finally got to meet my cousin for the very first time, Mark Palms.  Mark is a descendent of my Great Great Grandmother, Marie Therese Palms, who came to this country from Antwerp, Belgium. 

Welcome to Mississippi, Mark and Carol Palms!

Mark lives in Manchester, Michigan with his wife Carol.  I met Carol earlier last year when she and her daughter came through Vicksburg heading for New Orleans.  This time Mark and Carol came back through Vicksburg from New Orleans after visiting family and playing in their band, The Raison Pickers. 

"The Raisin Pickers are four musician...s who understand completely where traditional music comes from and what their role is in carrying it forward. "Carol Wells Palms (bass, fiddle, vocals) a classically trained bass player who captures the heart of traditional music without letting go of high musical standards.
Mark Palms (banjo, guitar, accordion vocals) a self-taught musician who chases the heritage of traditional music by studying banjo knee-to-knee with old-time legends and gathering up field recordings from Louisiana to West Africa.
David Mosher (mandolin, fiddle, guitar, vocals), one of southeast Michigan's most in-demand side men who carries a half-dozen instruments and follows his sense of aural aesthetics where they lead, be it writing songs, producing recordings or finding a bird in the woods by its call.
Billy King (electric guitar) his versatility as a multi-genre singer-songwriter is matched by his ability on a wide range of instruments. As an engaging performer Billy delivers a high-energy sound with lightness, dynamics, and sincerity.

The Raisin Pickers playing in New Orleans recently!

Carol took this beautiful picture of M/V Mark Staab making it's way to the bend in the Mississippi River called, Delta Point, northbound, as the sun was setting in my hometown of Vicksburg, MS at the Mississippi Welcome Center.

Mark and Carol Palms

Mark and Carol Palms at the Mississippi Welcome Center in Vicksburg, MS, with a tow northbound under the bridges on the Mississippi River.

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