Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jesse Aaron Boyd, Jr's 83rd Birthday

Jesse Aaron Boyd, Jr., 83 years old.

Myself, Grandson Stephen (Utica, MS), Granddaughter Lucy (Clinton, MS) and her boyfriend Josh, Daughter Debra (Raymond, MS), Granddaughter Sonya (Magee, MS) and Daughter Theresa "Teri" (Magee, MS) came to celebrate their Dad's 83rd Birthday today at his Pecan Ridge Apartment.  We had chips & salsa dip, pizza, drinks, cake and ice cream and watch home movies way back in the 60's and 70's of our four daughters growing up. Everyone had a really nice time!  Missed Daughter Kathy who lives in WI and Marian "Suzi" who lives in Fredericksburg, VA. Granddaughters, Candace (LA), Victoria, Emma (VA), Kate (VA), Grandsons, Ethan (NC) and Carl (WI), Great Grandsons, Ian and Tidus David (MT). 

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Jesse, Debra Ann, Sonja Michele and Theresa "Teri" came to party.

Lucy Kelly (Granddaughter came to celebrate as well and went swimming)

Oldest Granddaughter, Sonya Michelle Gordy 

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